S.K. Edward C. Page
Right Eminent Grand Commander


Orville Carleton Page, Sr. of Vassaboro Maine married Mary Eleanor Tibbetts of Whitefield Maine in 1962, and the following year had their only child together, a son, Edward Carleton Page. Orville, affectionately known as “Gus” passed away from a stroke in 2004 after dedicating fifty-three years of his seventy-seven years of life to Freemasonry. Although Edward’s father, grandfather and uncle were all very active as Freemasons, Edward had fears of speaking in front of people and worried about the memorization of ritual, so it wasn’t until Edward moved to Connecticut just five minutes away from Moriah Lodge #15 that a chance meeting would enable him to challenge those fears.

Edward was born on March 8, 1963 in Waterville, Maine, a small town just twenty miles east of Augusta. He spent his childhood playing little league baseball, riding snowmobiles, skiing and helping out on his mother’s family dairy farm. With these activities, he learned the value of hard work and the reward of being part of a team. He also has fond memories of helping his father out at Masonic fundraisers and events. His father was a funeral director and Edward envied the ease in which his Dad’s ability to speak to people in difficult life moments and remembers how a sense of humor at the right time could make most people feel comfortable. Although Gus was disappointed Edward didn’t follow in his footsteps after graduating from Winslow High School in 1981, and join him in the funeral business, he was very proud to see his son go off to Vermont and ultimately graduate in 1983 with an Associate Degree in Mechanical Engineering. During his time there, Edward joined their basketball team and became their Captain and was in the local paper frequently for scoring a record number of points; this was a remarkable achievement given his start in basketball came just two years prior at high school having focused mostly on playing and excelling at baseball since he was a small boy. In High school, Edward received several awards for sports achievements including; Most Improved for Varsity Baseball, Best Defense for Varsity Basketball, and Best Male Athlete presented by the Waterville Jaycees. Edwards musical interest also started in school, joining band in Junior High School and continuing through High School as well as playing trombone in Pep-Band.

Having watched his parents work hard, Edward quickly began his engineering career in Keene NH with Kingsbury Machine. From there he took his mechanical skills to U.S.C.I., Bard in Fitzwilliam NH and when that company transferred him to Billerica MA, he was settling into what would be a long and satisfying career designing medical devices. During this time, Edward was an avid runner and competed in many Road Races, and also got into body building; competing in the 1992 American Natural Body Building 6th Annual Green Mountain Classic. He also purchased his first home in 1996. It was while working for that company in Billerica, that he met his then wife, Christina. Christina’s mother Ruth, worked for the same company as Edward, but in Mentor, Ohio. The facility in Mentor needed an Engineer with his expertise, so they requested Edward go to Ohio to work on projects. Just before he was scheduled to leave, having appreciated his work for the past several weeks, they invited him on a company outing, at which Christina’s mother brought her as her mother’s guest. Once the two were introduced, they spent the evening getting to know each other and Edward was able to extend his trip a little longer to spend more time with Christina. After just eight months of dating long distance, Edward proposed and they were married on August 30, 1997, just one year after meeting each other. They began their lives in Baldwinville, MA and a few years later, moved to Brooklyn Connecticut. Although working fifty hours a week designing medical devices, which he now holds multiple patents for, and pitching for the local softball team; Edward decided to go back to school and subsequently graduated from the University of Massachusetts in 2003 with his Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering. During his return to college, while playing softball, his pitching helped them take home the 2001 Class B State Championship for Massachusetts. He was also inducted into the National Honor Society and President of the Alpha Sigma Lambda Gamma Delta in 2002.

Even before Edward became a Freemason he was always helping people and his community, and was recognized for his work in the community by receiving the coveted Dean’s Distinguished Public Service Award in June of 2003 from the University of Massachusetts. He also volunteered his time to judge science fairs at local schools and participated in Relay for Life events.

Upon graduation from UMass, Edward decided to revisit one of his fears; the fear of heights, and began taking flying lessons at the Fitchburg Municipal Airport in Fitchburg Massachusetts, in order to receive his pilot’s license. Another driving factor for this endeavor was in the aftermath of the terrorist attach on the World trade Centers, by have some flight skills if ever faced with this situation he was determined to be as prepared as possible. He had also previously completed bungee jumping off a fixed site while on vacation to work on conquering his fear.

After being transferred from Massachusetts to Rhode Island with the company he had been employed at for more than twenty years, Edward and Christina moved to Brooklyn, CT in February of 2005 to be closer to both their jobs; it was here that Edward began his Masonic journey. He stopped by one day at Moriah Lodge #15 and spoke to a gentleman there. That man became Edward’s mentor and dear friend, Frank E. Maxim, III. Frank immediately put Edward at ease with his concerns of speaking in front of others and learning rituals, reminding him that Freemasons are exceptional men who have all gone through the same steps and similar fears. With RW Frank by his side, he completed the Entered Apprentice degree on September 14, 2007, the Fellow Craft degree on October 10, 2007 and was raised to the sublime degree Master Mason on November 14, 2007, by his father’s brother Paul H Page of South China Maine.

With the support of his wife, who also comes from a family of Freemasons, Edward quickly began making up for what he considered to be “lost time,” and was asked to be on the Grand Lodge Strategic Planning Committee in 2009 through 2012. He was a member of Moriah Lodge’s Building Corporation Committee and he also moved through Moriah Lodge officer positions quickly; having the privilege of becoming Moriah’s Worshipful Master in 2011 and serving a consecutive term in 2012. During his term, he dedicated it to his father, Gus, and created the “God – Unity – Service” theme, donating a brand new complete set of officer jewels and aprons with an inscribed wooden box to keep them secure in. He also started an annual Down East Maine Table Lodge dinner to help raise funds for the small lodge, which has become one of the district’s favorite events with guests always guaranteed a good time with music and friends; this September will mark its ninth annual table lodge dinner. He also sent out birthday cards to each member during his two years to let them know they were all very important to breathing life back into Moriah. He started and coordinated a golf tournament for three years, soliciting donated goods and certificates from local businesses so the lodge could maximize its net profits, and he also started a program to deliver poinsettias to widows of Moriah Lodge members at Christmas time, which was continued for several years.

He was honored to be installed as Associate Grand Marshall of District 9A in 2010, and again in 2011 and 2012. He received the Mason of the Year award for district 9A in February of 2011 and he continues to this day to personally donated to the sponsorship of the Brooklyn Little League every year on behalf of Moriah Lodge to help foster the relationship between the Lodge and the community, and to bring awareness of Freemasonry to the younger generation. As each ball is hit to the outfield or a homerun is made, the Masonic symbol is proudly displayed on a large banner.

In 2015 he was installed as District Deputy of 9A and again in 2016. While he was serving his second term as District Deputy, an unfortunate event occurred in another district when 9B’s District Deputy was called to the Celestial Lodge. Edward stepped in without hesitation to finish out that Brother’s term while still presiding as District Deputy in his own district. It was a less stressful transition for the brethren of 9B because Edward had already been traveling through the lodges in that district for years, displaying a general support, and knew a lot of them already. Also that year, Edward was appointed as the Grand Lodge Representative to the state of North Carolina, which he was pleased to accept as he is a huge North Carolina Tarheels fan and he was also appointed to the Grand Lodge Sessions Committee, which he is still currently serving on.

In addition to his other duties, Edward is also the EMR coordinator and Trustee for his mother lodge, and has been a mentor for incoming candidates and brethren; creating CD’s and other useful techniques to help candidates with their rituals, using his ability to overcome his own insecurities as a role model to others. Many of those brothers that Edward mentored are now incredibly active in the continuation of the revitalization of Moriah Lodge and have become great ritualists. In recognition of his vision, dedication, excellent leadership, and support of his mother lodge, Edward has been presented multiple plaques and certificates from its members through the years.

2017 was a memorable year for Edward; personally, professionally and Masonically. He was promoted to Executive Director of Operations and Engineering at his place of employment after only being there a few short years, and then in April, Edward was appointed and installed as the Grand Junior Steward for the Grand Lodge of Connecticut. That August he and his wife traveled back to Ohio where they met to renew their vows in celebration of their twentieth anniversary of marriage. And as a newly installed Grand Lodge Officer, he was asked by then MWGM Theodore J. Nelson to chair the Lifetime Membership Committee and appointed to the EMR Committee, and serves on them both currently. Later that year, in November, he wrapped 2017 up by celebrating his tenth anniversary of being raised as a Master Mason.
In April of 2018, Edward was privileged to continue his progression of Grand Lodge Officers by being installed as Grand Marshal for the Grand Lodge of Connecticut. He was also a member of the Legal Matters Committee and the Masonicare Residential Services Board of Directors. He is currently serving as Grand Senior Warden having been installed this past April at the 234th Annual Communication, and has assume the responsibility of overseeing all service awards for the state of Connecticut since 2018 to the present, and was reappointed by current MWGM Bruce R. Bellmore.

Even with all his Blue Lodge work, Edward is also very active in York Rite. He was Knighted as a member of St. John’s Commandery #11 in June of 2009, in which he served as Eminent Commander 2013 through 2016, and served as Recorder in 2017 to the present. He is a Royal Arch Masons member of Trinity Chapter #29 and a Royal & Select Masters member of the Montgomery Council #2. In April of 2016 he was the recipient of the Knight Commander of the Temple award by the Grand Encampment Knights Templar of the United States of America. He had the honor of serving as Pre Eminent Governor of the Connecticut York Rite College #17 in 2017. And in addition to being a Connecticut Grand Lodge Line Officer, he was installed onto the Grand Commandery Knights Templar of Connecticut line in 2017, and is now serving as Very Eminent Deputy Grand Commander. Edward was also privileged to be invited to join the Apostles Tabernacle #17, Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priests and was ordained December 7, 2017.

With his father being a member of the Scottish Rite, Edward has also chosen to follow in his footsteps and in February of 2018, joined the Scottish Rite Valley of Norwich, conferring his 32nd degree in May of 2018.

On August 25, 2018, Edward took the prestigious Royal Order of Scotland degree and on November 3, 2018 he joined the Auvergne Chapter, as a Senior Honorary DeMolay.

In August 2019, Edward experienced the highest honor in the York Rite Sovereign College by taking the Order of the Purple Cross of York, recognizing his service to the Rite and humanity.

At the Annual Grand Lodge Communication in 2020, RW Edward had the distinct honor and privilege to receive the Pier Pond Edwards Medal in Bronze by Most Worshipful Grand Master Stephen Petri. This presentation was made even more special as his great friend, Most Worshipful Glenn S. Carlson past Grand Master from Rhode Island also was presented with this district honor.

At the Conference of Grand Masters in Milwaukee WI in 2021, Edward was initiated into the National Sojourners and is a member of the local Hartford Chapter #56.

Throughout his Masonic journey, Edward has used his sense of humor and affability to travel to other districts and states to promote brotherhood; establishing great relationships between Moriah Lodge and the other lodges. In doing so, he has become honorary members of Ionic Lodge #110 in Windham, Connecticut and Manchester Lodge #12 of Coventry, Rhode Island. He has also affiliated to his father’s mother lodge, Vassalboro #54 in Vassalboro, Maine. Because of these relationships he has established amongst other lodges, Moriah Lodge has received donations from other lodges to help the old lodge along and if you have ever attended one of their events, you will most likely see brothers from other lodges helping out alongside Moriah’s own members.

Anyone who has met Edward, knows he is a hugger and is a generous person. He has donated his time, money, or goods to the Salvation Army, Toys for Tots, local schools, United Way, Athletic scholarships, the Humane Society and the Juveniles Diabetes Research Foundation, just to name a few. He has even opened his home as refuge for women and children from domestic violence. He has donated money and much needed items to his mother lodge in order to keep the lights on, and when his lodge was flailing, he was one of the key members to revitalize Moriah by creating events to raise funds, acting as liaison between local lodges, and traveling to invite brethren to come and be a part of the transformation. In trying to solicit interest to Moriah Lodge #15, he started writing a trestleboard and would send a full color multipage trestleboard out each quarter for several years; even winning an award from the Grand Lodge on behalf of Moriah. He has also submitted numerous articles to the Connecticut Freemason Magazine highlighting the lodge’s improvements, events and fundraising efforts.

You can almost assuredly find him at local fundraisers supporting his lodge, as well as others across the state and other jurisdictions. He buys extra meals and delivers them to members of his lodge that are no longer able to attend the fundraisers; spending time with them updating them, in order to help the brother feel more connected to the lodge. He will send cards, flowers or gifts to brothers and their wives, or children, when he hears someone is feeling under the weather, had surgery or lost a loved one, and he has visited several brothers when in the hospital to encourage their recovery. He has participated and coordinated multiple Masonic funerals, even planning the entire funeral accompanied by a beautiful video collage set to the fallen brother’s favorite songs for the family of one of Moriah’s brothers who were too heartbroken to do it.

Edward was baptized at the Brown Memorial United Methodist Church where he also attended Sunday school and sung in the choir as a youth. Today he attends Danielson United Methodist Church.

Edward has two siblings; Orville Carleton Page Jr. of Islesboro Maine, and Carleen Dawn Page of Yarmouth Maine.

He does all this while keeping up with the high demands of his job at Hobbs Medical in Stafford Springs, CT. He has also moved his eighty-seven-year-old mother from Maine to Connecticut, so he can look after her as her Alzheimer’s progresses.

Since petitioning Moriah Lodge to become a Freemason, he has represented the very essence of what a Freemason is: championing the very liberties and values established by the founding members and upholding the moralities originated when Freemasonry began. He is a Freemason twenty-four hours a day, always conscious that the image he portrays symbolizes the principles of Freemasonry.

His genuine concern for others is obvious and his compassion to those in need is undeniable. Whether he is paying and pumping gas for an elderly stranger, going out of his way to open or hold a door for someone, gifting money to brothers in need without asking for it in return, or giving rides to brothers wanting to attend lodge functions; Edward is clearly happiest when he is helping others.